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Dalí's DNA?

Dalí's DNA?

Does Pilar Abel look like the painter Salvador Dalí? To me she definitely does but probably I’m too influenced by her story.

She only wants to know her identity, she wants to be recognized as a Dalí, as her late mother Antonia Martínez de Haro told her when she revealed to her that she is the result of a clandestine love with the Cadaques painter.

Her appeal to the court trial of September 2017 has been admitted for processing almost 5 months ago. This means she could repeat the entire paternity trial shortly and probably win no n her quest.

This is going to infuriate more than one.

Pilar Abel will not give up and her fight in the courts is still valid.

Nature dictates that you look like your relatives and this woman looks a lot like the most universal surrealist painter from Figueras.

This history will give much to talk about ...

We will continue informing about this story that will leave no one indifferent.

Verónica González M.